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This month’s wine club: Okanagan Wines, Canada

Wines from Canada

Canada is best-known for Icewine (2/3 of the World’s ice wine comes from Canada) but it’s been developing a new reputation for its dry wines too over the past couple of years.

Canada’s wine regions are wide spread and consequently Canadian wines are characterized by their diversity. This month we’re focusing on the Okanagan Wine Country, in British Columbia.

Okanagan Wine Country

Okanagan is dry, sunny and hot and it’s growing season is very short – consequently, winemaking there isn’t easy. Thanks to long daylight hours during summer, the moderating effect of Lake Okanagan and the region’s solid agricultural foundations – Okanagan now produces delicious Pinots, Syrah, Bordeaux blends, Rieslings and outstanding Chardonnays.

The problems is … It is very rare to find wines from the Okanagan outside of British Columbia so we were really excited to start stocking Quail’s wines!

Quail’s winery

Three generations have helped to build Quail’s Gate into the award-winning winery that exists today. The pursuit of viticultural and winemaking excellence has remained the driving force behind everything they do.

The Stewart Family strongly believe great wines begin in great vineyards. Through research, careful crafting and dedication to consistency, they’ve developed a reputation for delivering versatile, quality wines.

The vineyard team’s dedication to sustainability means they consistently apply best practices and use their resources mindfully. Their philosophy is to do more with less and they accomplish that through low-impact viticulture practices. They farm over 180 acres of vineyards and are widely considered industry experts in the evolution of Canadian viticulture practices.

The wines

This month for £200, discover Quail’s Gate range:

  1. Quail’s Gate 2016 Dry Riesling
  2. Quail’s Gate 2015 Chardonnay
  3. Quail’s Gate 2015 Pinot Noir
  4. Quail’s Gate 2015 Réserve Chardonnay
  5. Quail’s Gate 2015 Réserve Pinot Noir

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