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Albariño – Fact Sheet

Wednesday, 1st August


Albariño’s heartlands are Rias Baixas – on the coast of Galicia in Northern Spain, and Vinho Verde in Portugal – in the small designated sub-region of Monçao and Melgaço.


Its thick skin enables it to resist fungal disease which is very common in a rainy, maritime climate.

It is an aromatic variety that can have an intense peach, apricot fruit character balanced by a naturally high acidity. It can also be made in a richer, fuller-bodied style.

Rías Baixas Albariño

Due to the Atlantic influence, the north west of Spain is cooler and wetter than the rest of Spain and as a result this is the home of many of Spain’s best white wines. The most celebrated of them all are the Albariño wines from Rías Baixas.

The gentle handling and temperature control of modern wine making have allowed the emergence of the delicate varietal fruit character of Albariño. The most popular modern style takes advantage of the grape’s naturally high acidity and is crisp, refreshing wine best drunk young but some wines are made in a richer style occasionally with a touch of oak that can benefit from some ageing.

Vinho Verde Alvarinho

Vinho Verde is characterised by is annual rainfall. Alvarihno grown there has slightly higher alcohol and riper, more tropical aromas than other Vinho Verde white wines.

Albariño/Alvarihno has become very popular globally; You’ll find Albariño also in California, Argentina, New Zealand, Brazil, and even Uruguay.

Food & Albariño

Albariño is an excellent aperitif or pair with light to middle intensity foods (including, white meats and light-coloured sauces) and especially with dishes that feature citrus and/or aromatic herbs.

Serve Albariño cold for the characteristic mineral, beeswax and citrus flavours of Albariño or let the wine to warm up to experience those richer apricot, pear, and apple-like notes.

Albariño is a fantastic choice for seafood lovers and will perfectly match dishes such as ceviche, fish tacos, seafood pasta, and shrimp.

A few cuisines to explore with Albariño include Vietnamese, Thai, modern fresh Californian, California-style Sushi, and Caribbean seafood.