Glossy Indented Text

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Glossy Indented Text


;Create a clean 3d text in photoshop!Step One:Create an 800 x 600
document. Now lets make a background, lets make it white, make sure your
foreground is white, by pressing X. To fill your entire background with
white just simply hold ALT+BACKSPACE and this should fill your
background with white.Step Two:Now lets add some text. Keep your colors
on white because you need a white text for this to work, if you want
type out what you want in black THEN change the color to white after.
Now apply these effects in the Blending Options(Right Click on the text
layer and select blending
options):图片 1图片 2Step
Three:Now lets rasterize this layer(Right click on the layer, then
select Rasterize. Now lets transform with a perspective, look at my
example below to see how to transform it
correctly:图片 3Step
Four:Now lets make this text look more real shall we? Lets duplicate
this layer seven times(Hold CTRL+ALT+DOWN[The down arrow on your
keyboard]) and it should look more 3dish. Now click on the bottom layer
right above your background, create a new layer underneath this
layer(CTRL+N) and then Use the Control Click Trick(Hold CTRL and click
on the layer above your new layer) to make a selection. Now, lets
feather this selection(CTRL+ALT+D) and set the feather to five. Fill
this layer with black(Set foreground to black by pressing D). This
should create a shadow layer, set the opacity to about 75% and then
nudge it DOWN(Press the DOWN arrow on your keyboard) six times and RIGHT
times.图片 4图片 5Step
Five:We’re almost done. Now to create a more metal like look. Let’s
create a new layer ABOVE the top layer in your layers pallet. Use the
Control Click Trick I taught you in the last step and do this to the top
layer, now set your background color to grey(I chose #5A5A5A but its up
to you) and now lets do a gradient(G). In your selection drag from TOP
to BOTTOM of the selection. This should look
better.图片 6Step
Six:Now lets merge the DUPLICATED layers(Link them together and hold
CTRL+E [Look in my example below]) Now its time to duplicate this
layer and drag it below the shadow layer, lower the opacity to 54 and
nudge this layer DOWN nine
times.图片 7Step
Seven: Now we are about done, lets add a text below this entire 3d look
to make this picture look professional(In its own way). Your done! Feel
free to add a few things here and there. Thats what I always do, hope
you enjoyed the tutorial!


Greetings, Today I am going to show you how to create a glossy indented
text that looks great on darker backgrounds or in headers to websites. I
assume you have some basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.

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This is an in-depth tutorial on how to make the basic star badge, then
how to make it look glossy and
professional.图片 9

Step 1)Create a new document, 500×200 with a dark blue background of
your choosing. I chose #061121.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.

Step 1. Create a new document

Step 2)Create a new layer and put some text on the page the best font
for this style in my opinion is Impact. I used font size 36 for this
size document. The color is completely up to you although I find it
looks better with lighter colors, for this tutorial we are going to use
a grey text, #919191. After creating your text on the page it should
look like thus:

First, create a new document in Photoshop, for this tutorial I’ll be
using a 400×400 document, but the images I’ll be showing you will
usually be 300×200.After you’ve created a new document, add a background
in. I used a light blue gradient and some white scan
lines.图片 10Step

图片 11

  1. Making the shape

Step 3)Open up the blending properties of the text layer by right
clicking on the text layer and click on “Blending Options”. This should
bring up a new window, and I want you to add these settings to it.

Now let’s make the shape of the star badge.In the Photoshop Tools Menu,
find and get the Polygonal Tool
(U).图片 12Be
sure at the top of Photoshop in the tool options menu, that you’re using
settings:图片 13Click
the drop down arrow that is highlighted in the above image and use these
settings:图片 14Now
create a new layer and change your foreground color to what you would
like the badge to be. I used #4fb2ea.Be sure you’re on the new layer,
then click and drag on the
canvas.图片 15That’s
how to make the basic shape, move onto the next step to make it look
much nicer.

图片 16

Step 3. Applying layer styles & highlights